Corporate access control system for external web services

Enterprise Web Account Manager

• Centralized management of access to web services
• Increase the efficiency of using paid accounts for web services
• Significant reduction in subscription and license costs
• Real statistics of employee's use of web services
• Enterprise password manager for web and Windows applications
• Strong account password protection
Common problems with
using web and Windows applications
Information about the web services used is not centralized, which reduces the availability of existing web services for employees, as well as significantly complicates the access administration process.
Accounts for paid web services are used by less than 10%, often accounts are transferred from hand to hand by employees as they are released or they are forced to work on a schedule, which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of basic business processes.
Cost management
The lack of real statistics does not allow to make informed decisions, the cost of paid web services is difficult to manage.
Passwords from web services are known to employees, monitoring of activities is difficult, which increases the risk of unauthorized access to resources outside the organization. Passwords for Windows applications are stored in clear text by users and it administrators.
Enterprise Web Account Manager
Solves the following main problems
Economy of permanent
Reduces the cost of access to a paid web service by 25-45%, more than 5 times increases the efficiency of existing accounts
Centrally manage access to web and Windows applications
Provides convenient centralized control of employee's access to web and Windows applications, simplifies the administration process and securely protects account passwords
Getting real statistics

Accumulates and displays accurate statistics of employee's use of web services
An effective solution to optimize the number of paid accounts
We provide competitive access to web services, in which the account is not assigned to a specific user. The user for authorization in the web service uses any free account.

Due to this approach, the number of required paid accounts is significantly reduced, without violating the license policy of the service provider.
Enterprise Web Account Manager
The main functions of the system components
Browser extension
  • Installed on each user's computer
  • Allows you to connect to an available web service in one click
  • Fills in the login and password on the login form
  • Monitors the user's login, logout from the web service, closing browser tabs and inactivity
  • Provides a full exit from the web service and the release of the account
  • Communicates only with the "Server application" via HTTP/HTTPS
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
Server application
  • It is installed on a server in the local network of the organization
  • Allows you to manage the web services and accounts you use
  • Setting up access to web services and individual accounts for both the user and the group
  • Provides statistics on the use of web services
  • Active Directory integration
  • Serves browser extension requests (API)
  • Interacts with the database
  • It is installed on a server in the local network of the organization
  • Stores all system data
  • Web services usage statistics are accumulated
  • Account passwords are securely encrypted using AES-256 algorithm
  • SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, starting with the free Express edition
The main advantages of the system
Enterprise Web Account Manager
The system uses more than 20 000
corporate user's
Increasing the availability of
web service
The employee is guaranteed to get access to web services without waiting and searching for free accounts
All information is inside the organization
Information about web services, accounts, and usage is within your organization and easy to manage
Significant risk
Significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized use of accounts, including former employees
Free for 14 days
Try our system and get actual statistics of web services usage in your organization
Easy installation
The system is installed in 5-10 minutes using SQLite database
Efficient and convenient
Maximum ease of use for users and administrators
Examples of real implementations
Typical cases
Large bank

Before using our system:
• Problems accessing the web service of employees due to lack of accounts;
• To get access you had to search for a free account, going through a huge list manually or call colleagues;
• Subscription costs are constantly growing, but there are no statistics on the use of accounts;
• Manual access administration via files and email.

After implementing our system:
• The number of accounts has decreased by almost 2 times;
• To use the web service just click on the extension, the user is guaranteed access;
• The number of users with access to the web service has increased by more than 5 times;
• There are current statistics, an inventory of all accounts;
• Access administration is fully automated.
Law firm

Before using our system:
• Many different web services, 1-2 accounts for all employees;
• To get access you had to find out who is currently using the web service;
• There are no statistics on how often employees access web services;
• Passwords of accounts to the cloud CRM system were known to employees, there was a high risk of leakage of confidential data.

After implementing our system:
• To use the web service, just click on the extension, where you can immediately see who is now using the account (name and phone);
• Simplified administration of all web services;
• There is an actual statistics, including on refusals to users in access;
• For some employees, access to the cloud CRM system is possible only from the company's office.
The system includes settings for popular web services
The capabilities of the system are not limited to this list
You can add support for any web service and application to the system
• Bureau van Dijk (BvD)
• Dun & Bradstreet
• FACTIVA Dow Jones
• Bloomberg (Web)
• Refinitiv Eikon
• Dow Jones (Web)
• Elsevier ScienceDirect
• Elsevier Scopus
• Autodesk Cloud
• Adobe Cloud
• Mergermarket
• Practical Law
• Contract Express
• Lexis Nexis
• S&P Global
• Zendesk
• Jira Service Desk
• Euromonitor
• TheSheriffsOffice
• SalesForce
• Zendesk
• Jira Service Desk
• BankFocus
• WebShield
• Springer
• Crunchbase
• Orbis
• Platts
• AmazingHiring
• Harvard Business Review
Screenshots extensions and applications for administration
Use technology
Modern technologies provide high performance, scalability and reliability of the product
Browser extension

WebExtensions API
Server application

.NET 5.0
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